Version 0.0.104 Update Log

  • Weapon Switching: Fixed a bug wherein switching too fast while simultaneously shooting may cause the audio to play the wrong weapon sound effect.
  • Weapon Rotations: Fixed a bug wherein the Katana/Melee weapon spawns in weird and awkward rotations when being killed.
  • Animations: Minor tweaks in the player animations.
  • Weapon Spawning: Overhauled the weapon spawning classes, in preparation for the GUI based weapon spawning for future builds.
  • Shotgun: Updated the shotgun 3d model.
  • Console Commands: Implemented the "quit/exit" command. Used to terminate the game/application.


  • When spawning weapons using the number pad keys (1 to 3), there will be no visual or audio indicators at the moment, use the switching number keys (1 to 3) to switch to your desired weapon (Melee/SMG/Shotgun) after spawn. They will be spawned none the less, as long as the spawn keys are pressed at least once.
  • Previous versions of the game will not be able to detect nor connect to matches created using this version(v 0.0.104). Please download the latest build or use the itch App for automated updates.

For comments, suggestions, feedbacks, and/or bug reports, please do create a post, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for all your support.

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Version 0.0.104 Jul 08, 2017

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